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Published: 08th June 2011
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Stationary bikes play a very important role in this daily routine and helps keep oneself fit.

These bikes really are a very useful source of exercise as they give a very good work-out for the parts of the body. So aside from jogging people may also try out cycling during these exercise bikes for extra fitness. Many cycles also come with a meter that shows the quantity of calories lost, the distance traveled, mileage, time pedaled etc.

Deciding on the best kind of exercise bike is a very important thing. The first thing to be checked is the comfort levels of the user; the more comfortable the seating and also the other arrangements, the more entertaining and enthusiastic the exercise. Mainly, you will find four basic kinds of exercise bikes, the first being the upright bike. They are similar to the outdoor cycles and have a seat and pedals that may be pedaled. The next type may be the recumbent type, which has the seat placed really low, parallel to the ground level. The pedals have been in the front side, so that the legs do not have to bend a great deal. Also the seat has a back support that's very comfortable to use.

The semi-recumbent is the next type. There is a higher seat position than the normal recumbent types as well as the seat is inclined so that elderly people can get down the cycle easily. The dual action bike is the fourth type. Fundamental essentials perfect ones for that whole-body work-out, as both the handle bars and the pedals also are movable, thus facilitating the hands and legs to move. Some bikes have a certain weight capacity, and cannot load more than that particular weight. So it's important to have a look at that before acquiring the bike.

Resistance is another important factor to be considered while purchasing the exercise cycle. It is the pressure that is experienced while cycling the exercise bike. Depending upon the need to shed extra pounds, the resistance needs to be adjusted on the bike; the greater the resistance, the greater difficult it is to pedal the cycle, which helps in a rigorous work-out plan. There are numerous types of resistance in bikes, the first type being Magnetic type. This kind is found more in professional gyms. It's noise-free and is quite smooth to make use of. The resistance power can be adjusted as well. The next type is the Air resistance, where a fan is fixed to the pedal. The more the pedal is pressed, the more the resistance and also the faster the fan would swing. In the third type called direct tension, the user adjusts the resistance according to the need, with the help of knobs. Your fourth type is the Flywheel, wherein the resistance is looked after a big wheel, and as the pedal is moved, the wheel also moves.

Exercise bikes are very important to keep fit and for following a rigorous exercise and fitness regime. Also, with the ease of shedding weight whilst watching TV or the favorite movie, in the cosiness of one's home, also can one ask for! But it's definitely important to consult one's regular doctor prior to getting into these exercises as they are strenuous and might not be advised for people with hypertension, high diabetes etc.

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